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GP Allyseal Zincate

GP Allyseal is a non-cyanide zincate process designed specifically for the plating of aluminium and aluminium alloys.                      

GP Allyseal applies a dense zincate film that can easily be plated with copper, nickel, bright nickel, replica chrome, zinc and other metals.

The advantage of this system is that it is a non-cyanide system. It will produce a thin uniform zincate film on a variety of aluminium alloys and improves adhesion of subsequent plating. It is a single dip process that can be maintained with additions of the concentrate thus eliminating the need to dump the tank and start again.

GP Allyseal can be used at temperatures from 18oC to 43oC with immersion times from 15 to 120 seconds.

Included with the GP Allyseal is:

  • A 5.5 litre tank with a lid
  • 3 bags of GP Allyseal, enough to make just under 4 litres
  • A GP Allyseal data sheet which contains all the information on the product and its use.
  • Material safety data sheet.

GP Allyseal is recommended for use with all our plating kits.

This product contains caustic components so follow the guide and material safety data sheets.
Price £19.99 
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