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Ideal for the DIY enthusiast, car or motorcycle restorer, antique restorer, model maker etc. 
This is a fantastic kit. It is very easy to use and gives outstanding results on various metals including nickel, steel, iron, brass, copper, tin, pewter, lead and other metals.
You can also plate onto aluminium and aluminium alloys if you use GP Allyseal as a pre-treatment. Getting started is easy, the plating process is quite quick with a typical coating taking 10 minutes depending on the size of the item. 
This brush plating kit is ideal for plating small items or repairing patches on larger items.

The kit contains all our brush plating solutions and it can be used to plate virtually anything, achieving a range of different finishes.

Included is a brush plating guide containing the information you need to get great results time after time. Also in the guide are details of how to make your own either detailing wands or larger sponge type wands.

Within the guide we explain how to brush plate the different metals and how to combine these metals to fill scratches and pits allowing you to repair even badly corroded parts.

Unlike other kits, all the items you need to brush plate are included so there is no need to buy cleaners and activators.

We even include a variable 12V power supply, which can be used with all our brush plating and brush cleaning kits.

Included in the kit are:

  • 50ml 22ct gold plating solution
  • 50ml non-cyanide silver plating solution
  • 100ml brass plating solution
  • 100ml bronze plating solution
  • 100ml tin plating solution
  • 100ml cobalt plating solution
  • 100ml nickel plating solution
  • 100ml replica chrome plating solution
  • 100ml zinc plating solution
  • 100ml copper plating solution
  • 100ml GP1 alkaline cleaner
  • 100ml acid activator
  • A variable voltage power supply from 3-12V
  • 8 different brush plating wands
  • A brush plating guide 
  • Reusable Gloves
  • Cotton buds for acid etch/activator or wand making 
  • Stainless steel and copper wire for wand making
  • Safety data sheets


The Ultimate brush plating kit is the best value kit on the market, you will not find another kit near this price that contains all the items that this does.


There is enough solution to plate up to 75,000 sq cm.


A typical plate of 3.6 micron thickness takes about 10 minutes to apply. Remember, if you are considering buying another kit, check out just how much plating solution is included and how much area you can plate as some companies supply diluted solutions!


At Gateros Plating we pride ourselves in our customer service and we offer full backup with this kit including email backup for questions or queries.


We keep a full range of replacement solutions in stock.


Check out our ebay feedback from people who have bought a kit.


Note this kit contains some chemicals that are classed as hazardous so we include all the safety data sheets.


Buyers from outside the UK should contact us for a shipping cost before buying.
Price £110
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