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11th July 2017
We have uploaded all of our saftey data sheets on the website. Head on over to the Health & Saftey page to download them.
23rd May 2017
We have a new 3D Printer!
Starting, as most things usually do, as a hobby, 3d printing (or additive manufacturing) is an industry that we have gained quite a bit of experience in over the past few years. We have decided to apply that experience and open a small service bureau offering 3d printed and electroplated parts.
The printer we have decided to invest in is the Original Prusa i3 MK2, a fusion deposition modelling (FDM) printer that creates parts by melting and extruding various types of plastic.
If you would like to order a print or find out some more information, send us an email or click the button below.
Order a 3D Print
29th April 2017
Spent the morning with Don Brasiby, an artist and printmaker looking to further his knowledge in electroforming. Check out his website below: Please see our facebook page for some more pictures of electroformed items and patinas.
17th September 2015
We have moved to new premises, our new address and phone number is Gateros Plating Ltd, 6 Gorsey Leys, Overseal, Swadlincote, DE12 6JE. Our new phone number is 01283763502. The Chemical blacking for steel should be in stock in the next couple of weeks, please contact us if you are interested.
26th July 2015
Due to annual leave we will be closed from the 9th to the 26th of August 2015. We will not be dispatching orders over this period. We will soon be stocking a cold chemical blacking system for steel items, this will complement our zinc and zinc/nickel black passivate and our black nickel plating kit. It is easy to use and gives a great finish directly onto clean steel.
7th May 2015
I have up laoded a couple of new photos to the photo gallery. I am also a moderator on a new forum set up by one of our customers. The forum is for anyone interested in plating, whether you are new to plating or if you are in the industry it is for anyone looking to learn or help others learn. Click on the link and sign up.
7th June 2014
We now have a new silver electrolyte for silver plating, electroforming and for silver brush plating. It is a fully bright non cyanide silver that plates at low current. I have also added more information in the hints and tips section of the website. This is mainly about checking and testing plating solutions/electrolytes.
15th November 2013
We have now upgraded our standard zinc plating kits to include a 5 litre option that contains dry acid pickle and our GP1 Alkaline Cleaner.
The ultimate zinc plating kit now includes an extra 100g of high purity zinc and 1 litre of our GP1 Alkaline Cleaner.
Our standard 5 litre replica chrome plating kit now contains dry acid pickle and our GP1 Alkaline Cleaner.
The 5 litre nickel plating kit also contains dry acid pickle and our GP1 Alkaline Cleaner.
Extra photos added to the photo gallery.
10th July 2013
Just added a new "Power Supplies page" to the website.
We have been wanting to put affordable power supplies on the site for some time.
Having tested the Fusion make for some time now and also have a lot of customers using them with great success.
Using a variable power supply will give instant control and you can see exactly what current you are plating or anodising at.
21st June 2013
We now have some photos up of the black nickel ( black chrome ) process on the black nickel page which can be found on the plating kit sub menu.
Dave has been updating and adding more photos to the facebook page and is also writing a blog detailing his plating experiences!
The latest was brush plating a copper 50 cal bullet with replica chrome.
The VJMC article is now on the zinc plating page and not the photo gallery!
There are lots more photos up of customers work now, with still many more to add!. These include examples of copper plating, zinc plating and yellow passivating, Replica Chrome plating, Anodising and blue anodising dye.
Activating the metal surface prior to plating is a major issue which can cause de lamination of plating. This is now been covered in more detail on the Hints and tips page.
Work is on going as far as patina solutions go and we should have some ready for sale in a few weeks.
This will be mainly for use on copper and copper plated items as well as brass and bronze.
We are toying with the idea of running plating / anodising courses.
Anyone interested drop me an email on what type of course you would be interested.
We also have a Excel spread sheet that can work out current needed for common items that you want to plate.
Contact me if you want a copy.
23rd May 2013
We have finally been able to spend some time up dating the site!
We have added several new porducts which I will go into detail about later on.
We have now converted to a limited company and also taken David our son into the company as well.
He is learning along side me at the momtent and has taken on the role of updating our social media.
You can now find us on facebook as you can see on the home page.
We have several projects to add to the projects page and they will be added over the next few weeks.
One project is on electroforming. We have had a lot of interest on this subject so thought it was time to include it as a project!
We will also add an anodising project with also a video coming later in the year alond with an electroforming video.
One of our customers has sent in an article to the VJMC which we have had permission to publish so this will also be added to the photo gallery.
The new products that have been added to the website are as follows:
Highly conductive silver coated copper paint which is included in our kits as well as being available separately on the electroforming page.
Black nickel plating kit which can be used as a black chrome type finish onto polished nickel, replica chrome, brass or copper and as a darker black finish on top of freshly plated zinc or zinc/nickel.
Black nickel brush plating kit. Similar uses as per the tank plating version but in a brush plating kit (also available as black nickel brush plating solution)
GP Citrox rust remover. This is an acid based rust remover that is kind to the base metal unlike many other rust removers!
GP Nickel & Replica Chrome Stripper. This is an acid based stripper which can be used on several different metals.
We will also be adding more photos to the photo gallery and more information to the hints and tips page.
The etching page is also up an running with both the Edinburgh Etch and the Sulphate etch listed.
There is also a simple photo guide which takes you through the etching process.
31st July 2012
We have had an extremely busy 6 months! So updating the site has had to take a back seat.
I have put some new photos onto the photo gallery which I am sure you will find interesting. 
I have added replacement zinc/nickel plating chemicals to the replacement items page along with several other items.
I have been working on an etching etching processes for steel, copper, brass, zinc and aluminium.
This has gone really well and we now have two different etch products for sale these will be listed soon on a seperate etch page.
I am also working on several different patina formulas which will be for use on copper, brass, bronze and nickel.
When I have finished all the testing I will be listing the products again on a separate page of the website along with photo examples of the different patinas that can be achieved. This will tie in well with the electroforming kit, copper plating kit, brass plating kit, bronze plating kit and nickel plaitng kit.
I have also put the restoration of a Aprillia Climber carburetta on the projects page.
Carburettas are extremely hard to get right when restoring and I think that the process that I used was straight forward and quite easy to do.
12th January 2012
We would just like to thank all our customers for their support last year and to wish you all a Happy New Year.
We have one or two new products in the pipe line and will have more information in the following weeks. 
5th September
We have had an extremely busy summer! With articles in Old Bike Mart and in a couple of other monthly magazines showing our kits in action this has sparked extra interest and meant that I have not had so much time to keep the news of developments up to date!
The zinc /nickel plating kits have proved a big success.
Building on the passivation side of zinc plating and zinc alloy plating, we also have black passivate in stock. It will be listed with the other passivates on the replacement items page over the next few days.
We have found a new supplier of titanium wire and titanium baskets for hanging anodes in and on.
This means that the price of the wire has dropped significantly.
My son David has also joined us in the business which should give me some extra time for research and will also mean we can extend or range of products further.
June 2011 - Business Relocation!
We are now settled into a beautiful cottage in the rolling Hereford countryside in small picturesque village of Moccas just 20 minutes from Hereford town centre.

We are without a strong internet connection and telephone line for a little while so apologies for the delays this may cause in communication.

Wish us luck here for the future!
13th April
We have now finished developing and testing our new zinc/nickel alloy plating kit.
It is listed with our other plating kits.
This type of zinc/nickel plating gives up to 5 times the corrosion resistance of normal zinc plating.
The air stones have now been changed to ceramic ones which are risistant to the acid plating soltuions.
We have another plating video up also.
There will be a new project going up on the projects page.
It is a delorto carb restoration and shows cleaning and plating techniques for carbs made of zinc die cast alloys (pot metal or mazak)
We have added a few more photos of customers projects.
4th December
We have added a few more items to the site again.
The Ultimate Zinc plating kit is now on the zinc plating kit page. This kit includes; an extra zinc anode, four 10 litre tubs, tank heater, air agitation pump, tank filter and a pre-plating pickle.
The ultimate brush plating kit has also been updated to include 5 extra solutions and 4 more wands.
We will be soon launching a new zinc/nickle plating kit. As far as I am aware we will be the only company in the UK that will offer this type of kit. The advantage of this kit is that it can give up to 10 times the corrosion resistance of zinc alone when tested with the salt spray test. You can still use the passivates to colour the zinc and increase the corrosion resistance.
I have also been developing an immersion rust remover which, so far, has given very good results. It is an acid based remover but saying that, it is relatively safe to use and unlike HCL based removers will not attack the base metal. It should be listed before Christmas.
The snow this week has delayed deliveries a little but we are back on track again now and there is still time to get your orders in before Christmas.
7th November 2010
I have added a new plating video of replica chrome tank plating and gold brush plating to the plating video's page. Unfortunately there is no sound.
I have also added a page containing electroforming products which includes; our bright copper electroforming kit, copper and graphite electroforming paint, acrylic sealer and copper and graphite electroforming powder.
28th October 2010
I have been busy developing several items which have now been added to the site!
In our plating kits section along with the zinc, replica chrome, nickel, bright nickel and brass I have now added a bronze plating kit.
The bronze plating kit can be used in a similar way to our brass plating kit. It is ideal for putting a flash plate of bronze over either bright nickel or replica chrome, giving a very bright shiny bronze finish. It can also be used to put a thicker plate on for making fake bronze.
I have also added orange anodising dye and green anodising dye. Purple anodising dye is on the way and it should be here next week.
The electroforming kit is ready to go. I just want to finish taking some photos and it will be listed on the site soon, along with conductive paints and powders.
I have added titanium wire to the wire section in the replacement items page. Titanium wire can be used for hanging anodes on or for use when hanging items for anodising.
When hanging anodes with titanium it allows you to completely submerge them in the plating electrolyte. This means you can achieve a more even spacing and a more even current density.
Fume control balls have also been added to the accessories page. They can be used with any of our 5 litre plating kits or anodising kits and help lower the fume emission while plating or anodising.
I have also been working on a cyanide free silver plating solution. Our silver brush plating kits now contain cyanide free solutions so anyone wanting a safer way to silver plate can now do that. With the silver brush plating kit you get a stainless steel wand as standard. This is fine for use with the cyanide free silver solution but if you want to prolong the life of the silver solution you can use a silver wand which we have listed in our replacement items section of the website.
Coming soon will be an anodising sealer and an ultimate anodising kit.
18th August 2010
I have had a lot of people ask about plating non metalic items so I have been developing an electroforming kit along with conductive paints.  This will allow you to copper plate non metalic items such as shells, ceramics, leaves, stones, modeled itmes, baby shoes and much more.
To plate these items they are first treated with a sealing lacquer if porous. This is followed by a conductive paint or a conductive powder and allowed to dry well.
The item is then plated slowly to allow the plating to cover the paint.
Once the item has been copper plated it can then be re plated to change the colour and finish with any of our plating kits. So if you want to gold plate some shells or silver plate a leaf then this is easily possible.
I will add some photos to the projects page of electroformed items so you can see some examples.
The kit will be added soon along with the conductive paints.
At the moment our paints will only work with the tank plating system but I am trying to get a High quality sliver conductive paint that will allow brush plating techniques to be used.
 7th June 2010
I have added a few more items today.
Bright Acid Copper plating chemicals have now been added to the replacement items page along with a full range of brush plating wands.
The brush plating wands are mostly true to type metal wands. These brush plating wands allow you to not only plate faster but also deposit a more pure plate.
The added advantage of true to type metal wands is that it allows to use the brush plating solution over and over again as the metal in the solution is replaced by the metal from the wand. The execptions are the gold and silver which use stainless steel in the wand and cobalt which can be used with either nickel or stainless steel.
I have been asked to put more picture or videos of different plating types onto the website. I have added a new project onto the project page, this is of a belt buckle restoration! then blinged up with one of our gold brush plating kits! you will see what I mean!
I am still putting the final touches to the videos so should be up soon! ish!
22nd May 2010
We have added quite a few more items since my last update! Most of these are on the replacement items page and include a full range of replacement brush plating solutions which includes; gold, silver, replica chrome, nickel, zinc, copper, cobalt, brass and bronze, we also have the cleaners on there too.
To our tank plating kits we have added a brass  plating kit priced at £55.
We will also be adding a Bronze plating kit and a Gold plating kit to the other tank plating kits quite soon.
We have been filming more plating videos, they are in the production process at the moment and hopefully should be up on the site soon!.  Quite a few people have commented on the brush plating one saying that they found it quite usefull so we will be adding a zinc tank plating video as well as a Replica Chrome, a flash brass plating one and a gold plating one.
The Desmut for cleaning and preparing aluminium and aluminium alloys has been added to our cleaning products page.
We hope to have a full range of Hyperbright cleaners and polishes listed soon, it is getting to show time again so I know a lot of people will be soon hard at work on show prep!.
I have been adding more information to the hints and tips section. If there are any other plating related topics that you would like to see let me know and I will add them, or if you have any tips then let me know and I will add them to the section.
22nd March 2010
We have just added the tank filter to our accessories page.
This filter is a must for anyone doing lots of plating. 
It is especially benificial in the Nickel plating tank and in the Replica chrome plating tank where pitting can be more of a problem.
We also have lots more items coming to our aaccessories page such as 10 litre tubs and the usual 5.5 litre tubs. 
We will have a selection of wires including: copper wire, aluminium wire, stainless steel wire and replacement resistance wire for the current controllers.
We are going to include a range of PPE which will include goggles, gloves, coveralls, masks and respirators.
On our replacement items page we will also be including our brush plating solutions in various quantities.
I will try and get things onto the site asap!
19th March 2010
My apologies to anyone who has tried to buy the GP Chrome Stripper, I had a problem with the buy it now button! I forgot to make one!
It has now been rectified and you will find the GP Chrome Stripper listed in the Cleaning Products section.
I find it excellent for stripping chrome as it is not as agressive on the base metal as some of the strong acid types of chrome stripper. I do not recommend it for use as a de plating solution but on items that I left in the tank for long periods while testing the effects of long stripping times , I found that it will also remove nickel and copper!
17th March 2010
New additions to the site.
We now have a range of gold and silver brush plating kits. We have been testing these solutions over the past month and are confident of their ease of use and quality of plating.
The gold plating brush plating solution is 22ct gold and is very easy to plate on a range wide range of metals including: stainless steel, steel, iron, copper, brass, nickel, replica chrome, silver, bronze and even zinc.
The silver brush plating solution is also very easy to use and will plate onto the same range of metals as the gold brush plating solution. It is not a fully bright solution so will require a light polish after plating to bring out the full depth of shine but the lack of brightener also makes it easier to plate and less effected by temperature.
We have a combination of gold, silver and nickel solutions within the kits but if there are specific solutions or amounts of solutions that you require then just let us know and we can give you a quote.
We have found that both the gold and the silver plate extremely well over bright nickel.  Bright nickel also acts as a barrier when plating when applied to copper stopping bleed through into the gold and silver. The nickel also gives excellent levelling and brightening so allows the gold to appear even deeper.
Chrome stripper will soon be added to our cleaning product section.  It is caustic based and requires a 12V power supply such as a battery charger or 12V battery and some form of steel for use as a cathode.  Full instructions are included as always along with a stripping tank and enough chrome stripping salts to make 10 litres of solution. It is priced at £9.99 and can be used time after time so makes it very economical to use.  It will strip most decorative chrome in less than an hour.
We have had several customer enquire about filtration in the plating tanks, most commercial platers use a filtration system with their tanks so we have been testing a filtration system that is driven by air from an air agitation pump. It is a very simple system but works very well and in conjunction with our dual output air pump can deliver both agitation and filtration.  The Filters will soon be listed in our accessories section.
The aluminium de smu twill soon be listed in our anodise stripper and etch section listed at £9.99 it is competitively priced and includes instructions and a de smut tank.
2nd February 2010
I have at last updated the photo gallery! there are quite a lot more photos in there now.
One set of photos sent in by Steve Horrocks document the repair of some potmetal door handles off a 1936 Austin Ruby, they just go to show what can be done by a home plater who has good attention to detail! 
Three different kits were used to restore the handles back to their former glory.
Neutral Nickel strike kit, Copper plating kit and last but not least a Replica Chrome kit.
Not sure but I think Steve also used our Dry acid pickle.
We have a new orange anodising dye that will be on sale soon and also aluminium de-smut and de-ox for use with our anodising kit.
7th January 2010
We have now listed our anodising dyes.
They are high quality industry standard anodising dyes which include gold, deep black, red and blue.
If there are any other colours that you want and are not shown, contact me and I will let you know when we can get them.
2nd December 2009
Today we have added Air agitation pumps, and Air stones to the accessories page.
Using some form of constant agitation while plating is very important, which makes the air pump a very important piece of equipment.
We have also added the Neutral Nickel strike electrolyte chemicals to the replacement items page.
These should be used as a strike plate onto potmetal or mazak before any other form of plating.
1st December 2009
We will shortly be advertising a selection of high quality industry standard anodising dyes
We will start off with a mid blue, deep black, gold and fiery red  but will offer a full range covering most colours and shades eventually.
There will be a range of pack sizes that will make from 1-10 litres of dye 
Below are the shades for the above colours, these are the shades for different g/litre (strengths) and immersion times.


27th November 2009
Things have been developing rapidly over the past few weeks and the news page has suffered! so just getting round to the latest additions to the site!!!
Copper anodes, Brass anodes and Lead anodes/cathodes  are now listed on the anodes page.
as normal they are all priced very fairly!
We have added another brush plating kit to our range. It is a Bronze brush plating kit and gives a true bronze plate "not just a bronze colour"! Where possible with our brush plating wands, we always try to make them of the same metal type as the plating solution as this increases the speed of deposit and also the purity of the plating. Our bronze brush plating kit is no exception and includes a bronze wand.
We still have a gold brush plating kit and a silver brush plating kit in the pipeline which will hopefully be out soon!!!
The brass plating kit is ready for sale and although not listed on the site yet, it is for sale now at £55 and includes enough electrolyte to make a 10 litre kit. The items included in the kit are similar to the zinc plating kit as it will include a brass passivate which will eliminate the brass wanting to tarnish.
We also have neutral nickel strike electrolyte chemicals available now.  These come in salt form that will make up to 5 litres and cost £20. The neutral nickel strike is used for plating onto zinc alloys such as pot metal and mazak.  It takes about 15-20 to put on a thin plate that can be over plated with copper, nickel or replica chrome. It is a very useful addition for any home plater or restorer.   Pot metal has been used a lot for various car and bike parts over the years and is impossible to plate with normal plating baths. So now you can plate it yourself no need to send it away.
We also de ox, de smut for anodising kits just contact me for a price, again it will be up on the site soon!!
We have been testing a range of plating power supplies and can now get hold of 10 and 30 amp variable voltage power supplies. The will be on the site soon! and work out about £75-80 for the 10 amp and £95-100 for the 30 amp one.
They are very robust with cooling fans and short circuit protection. I have tested them and rate them as very good. Contact me if you are interested in one.
16th October 2009
Autumn is here and the temperature is dropping, now is the time to get a tank heater if you don't have one.
All forms of plating will benifit from heating the electrolyte, some more than others, check out the tips section for temperature guides.  we have two types in stock at the moment,  75w which is shorter and is ideal for the 5 litre tank and 100w which is better suited for a 10 litre tank .  Should you require a higher wattage heater for a larger tank please contact us for a price.
15th October 2009
We will be selling conductive paint for enabling plating of non metallic items such as plastic, wood, glass etc.
This should be available soon, even though it has been trialed and developed by a specialist company we are conducting our own trials to ensure a high quality finish is obtainable.
There will be two or three different grades that will cover most applications.
The Brass tank plating kit is now ready and will be for sale next week, it will be for sale in two forms,  a brass plating kit and also as a Replica Gold plating kit this will combine nickel and brass and a special sealer that is applied post plating to keep that gold look and stop tarnishing that can be a problem with brass.
The brass plating kit can be used to apply a thin decorative coat over many different metals or as a thicker coat that can be polished of lacqured.
With the Replica Gold Kit you will be able to plate hundreds of items at a fraction of the price gold plating.
You will be able to put a heavy plate, which will stand a lot more wear or a thin decorative plate over nickel still with outstanding corrosion resistance but also with a high gold lustre and once sealed it will keep its shine.
We are often asked about air pumps for agitation in the plating tank. We will be selling two different pumps, one will be a standard pump and the other will be a higher output pump for use in larger tanks both will include a bubble wall which will spread the bubbles across the tank and increase agitation and flow of electrolyte arround the tank.
Anodising dyes will also be for sale in the near future again we are still trying to find a supplier of high quality dyes at a reasonable price. As always in the finishing industry, size matters!!!! and even though we buy reasonable amounts people can't be bothered to quote on what they see as a small amount!!! anyway that's my rant for the day!!
2nd October 2009
Brass plating is a great way to get that gold look without all the expense of gold plating. 
The finish that can be achieved is exceptional in brightness and evenness of plating.
We have now launched our new Brass Brush Plating Kit, unlike other forms of brass plating we do not use cyanide. It is an alkaline based system specially developed by ourselves to give great results on a variety of metals including; Steel, Iron, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Replica Chrome, Cobalt and we have even been able to plate over passivated zinc nuts and bolts!
There are lots of ways that the Brass Brush Plating Kit can be used and several different finishes that can easily be achieved.
It can be used over bright nickel plating to give a bright decorative finish and this method only takes minutes to apply even on larger items. Basically all you are doing is putting a very thin coat of brass on top of the nickel, the brass is then buffed with a soft cloth and usually lacquered to give the tarnish resistance.
You can also apply a thicker coat of brass to the surface of any of the afore mentioned metals, this will take longer to apply but then allows the brass to be left un lacquered so can be buffed when needed.
Thicker plated brass can also be burnished and antiqued to give that aged look so this makes it ideal for restoring antiques and old brass items.
You can either highly polish it to give a finish that looks the same as real gold or you can leave it unpolished to give the matt green brass look.
With the Brass Brush Plating Kit you can easily repair items that have previously been brass plated, such as door handles where the brass has worn away or it can be used to repair jewellery that has lost its gold plating.
You can even use it to bling up other non metallic items with the use of a conductive paint.
The Brass Tank Plating Kit will be for sale soon and we will upload some photos of the finish that are easily achievable with the kit.
5th September 2009
Our anodising kit is now for sale on the site and on ebay we have priced it very competitively at £55 so it should be within the price range of most restorers, again we have produced a kit that with a little care and effort will give outstanding results.
We have also listed an anodising stripper and aluminium etch which comes with the kit but is also available to buy separately for £9.99
1st September 2009
I would like to thank everyone that visited us at the Nweark autojumble last weekend, it was really nice meeting so many people interested in what we do.
We had a great time demonstrating our zinc plating kit.
The amazement form people seenig how fast the plating was and the quality that could be achieved in a matter of minutes was really great. 
We also displayed items that had been zinc plated and finished in yellow passivate and clear/blue passivate, again we got very good comments on the quality of the plating.
The most attention was given to items that had been plated with the Replica Chrome Kit, we had on display a kickstart that had been flash plated with replica chrome then plated in copper with our acid copper plating kit and sanded smooth to fill in the pits, before being buffed then replated with the replica chrome. It showed just what standard of work could be produced by the home plater.
We also had an aluminium gear lever that had been replica chrome plated which was also of a very high quality showing the different metals that can be plated with the kit.
We hope to be at the next Newark autojumble so will keep you posted nearer the time.
10th August 2009
We will be at the Newark and Notts autojumble on the 30th of August.
We will have our full range or kits for sale including: Replica chrome, zinc, Bright nickel, copper tank plating kits and our new range of brush plating kits as listed below.
We have also decided to do some demonstrations but have not decided as to the scope of these yet we will wait to see how it goes but we will definately be doing some Replica Chrome plating and some Zinc plating and possibly some Cobalt and Nickel also.
Hope to see you there!
30th July 2009
We are in the process of quality testing our Brush plating kits, they will be listed for sale in the next few days. 
The range includes:
Replica chrome brush plating kit
Due to the success of our Replica Chrome tank plating kit, we decidecd to develop a brush plating version that will enable repairs and refurbishment of small or large items without the need to dismantle the part.
In the kit are all the items you need to get plating, included in the kit:
Variable voltage power supply.
Replica chrome plating solution 100ml.
GP1 cleaner 100ml.
Acid etch/activator 100ml.
2 brush plating wands.
Reusable gloves.
Stainless steel wire for wand making and instructions.
Cotton buds for cleaning
Brush plating guide.
Safety data sheets.
Bright nickel brush plating kit
Our popular bright nickel plating kit has also been given the brush plating conversion treatment, not only can you use it on repairs etc but it is ideal to plate small parts and fasteners.
Zinc brush plating kit
The uses for this kit are similar to our tank plating kit but again on a smaller scale ideal for one off items or simply looking for corrosion resistance along the bottoms of doors or centre stands etc.
Copper brush plating kit
can be used on its own or in conjunction with one of our other kits allowing the ultimate repair with soldering on the copper and filling scratches and blemishes. Or simply plated and polished to give a mirror bright decorative finish.
Cobalt brush plating kit
If you want a truly hard, wear resistant finish then cobalt is the ultimate for the home plater. It can be used on its own as a thin coat over steel or on top of nickel to give a very durable finish nearly as good as chrome.
The ultimate brush plating kit
This kit will include all of the above plating solutions in one kit and will be the ultimate kit of its type on the market, giving a range of finishes at an afordable price.
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