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Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, sculptors or artists, model makers or anyone wishing to electroform in copper.  It can be used to electroform items such as badges, models in clay or plastic, pottery, wood and much more.

This kit allows you to build up a thick coat of copper which can be polished and buffed, easily removing blemishes and pits in the process.  

Setting up and getting started is easy and the plating process is quite quick.  Odd shaped objects can be plated by using different shaped tanks. For long items you could use a wallpaper soaking tank and for larger diameter items, use a plastic washing up bowl.

This complete kit comes with a copper electroforming guide. This guide contains all the information you need to get started.

There is also no need for an expensive power supply as I will show you how to use a 12v car battery or battery charger and our current controller which unlike others is totally variable. You can adjust it to whatever size item you want to electroform.

Also included in the kit are:

  •     Copper electroforming chemicals Including brighteners (will make 5 litres)
  •     450g high purity copper anodes, enough to plate 21,000 sq cm at 25 microns
  •     A totally variable current controller
  •     A 5.5 litre tank with a resealable lid
  •     Copper wire
  •     Brown wire
  •     Blue wire
  •     Crocodile clips
  •     Goggles
  •     A dust mask
  •     Gloves
  •     Safety data sheets
  •     A copper electroforming guide
  •     50ml silver coated copper electroforming paint, it has very high conductivity!
  •     100ml graphite electroforming paint
  •     100ml acrylic sealer
  •      20g graphite powder

This bright copper electroforming kit is the best value kit on the market. You will not find another kit near this price that will electroform the amount of items that this will! When comparing kits check anodes by weight!

There is enough to electroform 21,000 sq cm at a typical 25 micron or 22.5 square feet at .001" thickness.


We pride ourselves in our customer service and we offer full backup with this kit, including a telephone technical helpline, email backup for questions or queries and a range of replacement chemicals and anodes at a very reasonable price.


The electroforming solution should last years if kept clean and we explain in the guide how to maintain it and keep it in top condition.

Once the item has been electroformed you can then plate the item with one of our brush or tank plating kits which will give you many different finishes such as replica chrome, silver, bronze or gold.

Note this kit contains some chemicals that are classed as hazardous so we include all the safety data sheets.


All our kits are sent via a specialist courier that is able to carry parcels that are labelled as LQ (contain chemicals).
Price £75 
Silver Coated Copper electroforming paint
This paint can be used in conjunction with most of our tank plating kits.
Silver Coated Copper electroforming paint
Graphite electroforming paint
This paint can be used in conjunction with most of our tank plating kits.
Graphite electroforming paint
50g Graphite electroforming powder
This powder can be used in conjunction with most of our tank plating kits.
Price £5
100ml Acrylic Sealer
This sealer is used to seal the surface of porous items prior to coating with our electroforming paint.
Price £4
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