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Electrolytic Cleaning Kit

One of the hardest jobs when restoring cars, bikes, engines or any old machinery is the process of removing many layers of paint and rust as well as freeing up seized bolts and pistons. This kit will show you how to do this easily and without the need to sandblast, paint strip, and use abrasive wheel or heat to clean and un-seize rusted parts.  With this kit you will literally save loads of time and money.

I use this method to great effect with steel and cast iron parts but essentially any metal, or for that matter, any electrically conductive material can be cleaned. It is ideal to use prior to plating, polishing or painting. Anyone who has ever tried to clean up rusty steel (or any metal) will embrace this method with real enthusiasm as you see layer after layer of paint, rust or both come off without any effort.

There is also no need to degrease the parts prior to electrolysis as all oil and grease will be removed during the process.

This system is more environmentally friendly than the use of caustic, acid and petroleum-based cleaners and there are no foul odours. 

The electrolyte is easy to reuse time after time.

This kit really is a must for any engineer, bike or car restorer, DIY enthusiast, repairer, renovator, coin collector, modeller, antique dealer or anyone wanting to clean metals.

I also use this kit prior to plating as it degreases and removes rust and paint in one go. All I have to do is wash off, pickle and plate. 

The kit is so easy to use and all you will need to get started is a 12v battery charger, everything else is supplied.

There is loads of other useful information in the guide which is part of the kit including how to clean coins, precious metals and jewellery.

Included in the kit;

  •      A 5.5 litre drum with a lid
  •      2 bags of different electrolyte crystals, enough for 50 litres!
  •      Electrolytic cleaning guide
  •      Copper wire
  •     Steel anodes
  •     Crocodile Clips
  •      Nitrile gloves
  •     A dust mask
  • This kit really is as good as it sounds I have been restoring bikes for 25 years and I only wish I had found this system sooner!

    Have a look at the results you can get with this kit in the before and after shots!

                           Before                                                After


    Price £15.99 



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