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Electrolytic Cleaning Kit

Ideal for removing rust and paint.

This kit is ideal for restorers and D.I.Yers to remove rust and paint easily. It includes a cleaning guide that helps you get the best from this kit and can be used on a variety of metals. This kit takes a lot of the effort out of preparing parts for plating.

GP1 Alkaline Cleaner

A carefully balanced blend of cleaners.

GP1 is a blend of cleaners that are easy to disolve in water. It has a variety of metal finishing operations.  Normaly being used as a cleaner to remove light oils and grease, organic debris, oxides and smuts. It is also used as part of the pre-plating cleaning process and as such, is used before the acid pickle.

Nickel and Replica Chrome Stripper

Ideal for removing Nickel and Replica chrome.

This kit is ideal for removing nickel and replica chrome from most substrates. It will also remove zinc, zinc/nickel, brass and silver. It is easy to use and unlike some strippers does not require heating. No current is needed it is a simple dip process.

GP Citrox Rust Remover

Ideal for removing rust

GP Citrox is ideal for restorers and D.I.Yers who want to remove rust without using the electro cleaning method. It is a simple dip process that you can leave to de rust. GP Citrox takes a lot of the effort out of preparing parts for plating!

GP De Ox and De Smut

Ideal for removing de oxidising and de smutting aluminium.

It is ideal for restorers and D.I.Y'ers  wanting to remove oxidisation and smuts from the surface of aluminium. It is normally used after stripping and etching and before anodising. It takes a lot of the effort out of preparing parts for anodising.

GP Chrome Stripper

Ideal for removing Chrome.

GP Chrome Stripper is ideal for restorers and D.I.Y'ers Who want to remove chrome. It includes a guide that takes you through the process.
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