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GP Chrome Stripper
GP chrome stripper is specially formulated to easily dissolve in water and produce a balanced alkaline stripping solution. GP chrome stripper can be used hot or cold and normally strips decorative chrome within the hour. Not only will it strip chrome but it will also remove rust, paint and organic debris, although this may take longer.
You can speed up stripping by heating the solution.
GP Chrome Stripper should be used in conjunction with a 12v DC power supply. This can be a car battery or battery charger and the item to be stripped should be made anodic + .
Included in the kit is: 
  •     1kg chrome stripping salts, enough for 10 litres.
  •   A 5.5 litre tank with a lid.
  •      A chrome stripping guide.
  •   A safety data sheet.


GP chrome stripper can be used at room temperature 20°C or heated to 80°C and at current densities between 50 and 300 mA per square inch.

Replacement salts are available at a reasonable price.

GP chrome stripper is classed as caustic and hazardous so should be used in conjunction with the correct personal protective equipment and in a very well ventilated area.

Price £10.50

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