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Replica Chrome Brush Plating Kit

Ideal for replicating that chrome look.

This kit is very easy to use and includes a plating guide that helps you achieve that new chrome look in a matter of minutes.  There is enough to plate lots of items or repair larger ones.

Zinc Brush Plating Kit.

The essential kit for any motorcycle or car restorer.

This kit is ideal for any vehicle restorer. It can be used either as a decorative finish on nuts, bolts and brackets or can be used as a rust preventative base coat on parts that will be painted.


Bright Nickel Brush Plating Kit.

With this kit you can get a mirror like finish in minutes.

As with all our kits this kit is very easy use.
With good preperation of the part you can get a decorative mirror like finish in 10 minutes an outside finish in 30 minutes and a heavy duty finish in 50 minutes.


Cobalt brush Plating Kit.

This is the ideal kit for Giving parts a very hard Chrome like finish.

As with all our kits this kit is very easy to use.
It is used as a final coat over nickel or a thin coat over steel and when polished gives a very hard and durable finish similar to chrome.

Copper Brush Plating Kit.

Great as a decorative finish or as a base coat for other metals.

The copper can either be polished to a high lustre or part polished to give a satin or matt finish. It can also be used to give a thick coat to give good corrosion resistance and also to fill in pits.



The Ultimate Brush Plating Kit.

This kit includes the lot Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Nickel,  Replica chrome.

You can achieve most of the finishes used in restoration today, you can also plate multiple layers and build up and repair pitted and corroded parts.  Includes cleaners and acid etch as with all the brush plating kits

Brush Plating kit 
Bronze Brush Plating Kit

Ideal for replicating that 
gold and silver look.
These kits give you the
expensive look of gold and
silver for just a fraction of 
the price of the price of solid
gold. they are quick and easy
to use.

Perfect for restorers of cars
and antiques.
As with all our kits, it gives a
brilliant finish and is quick and
easy to set up and use.
Can be used on nickel, steel,
iron, brass, zinc, copper and lead.

Black Nickel Brush Plating Kit.

This kit gives a great finish     
in minutes.
The Brass Brush Plating Kit         
can also be used as a 
replacement for gold plating
as the colour results are 
very similar after a good 
polish. Don't believe me?
Check it out!     

With this kit you get a black chrome
like finish in minutes.
As with all our kits, it gives an Excellent finish
and is quick and easy to set up and use.
Can be used on : zinc, copper, brass,
nickel, replica chrome, tin and stainless
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