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Aluminium Anodising kit

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and car or motorcycle restorers. You can anodise most types of aluminium. 

The principle behind anodising is the formation of an oxide layer on the surface of the aluminium by using a 12v DC power supply and in a solution called an electrolyte. Once the item has been anodised and fixed, the surface becomes very hard and so gives good corrosion protection. The process allows the surface of the aluminium to be dyed and many different colours and shades can be achieved. The process takes about an hour to anodise, up to 15 minutes to dye depending on the shade and depth of colour required and 30 minutes to fix the dye and seal the surface. No exotic chemicals are needed to complete the process.

The size and shape of the objects to be anodised are limited to the size and shape of the tank in which you are anodising. For long items you could use a wallpaper soaking tank and for larger diameter items use a plastic storage box.

This complete kit comes with an anodising guide. The guide takes you through the various stages of anodising, from setting up the anodising tank and the chemicals used, to cleaning, de-greasing, etching and de-smutting and to the anodising process itself through to rinsing, dying, fixing and polishing.

There is also no need for an expensive power supply as I will show you how to use a 12v car battery or battery charger.

Also included in the kit are:

  •     Anodising solution (makes 5 litres of industrial strength electrolyte)
  •     A 5.5 litre anodising tank and a lid
  •     225mm x 90mm high purity lead cathodes
  •     1kg anodising stripper and etch (makes 5 litres)
  •     A 5.5 litre anodising stripper/etch tank and a lid
  •     6 metres of aluminium wire
  •     Copper wire
  •     Blue wire 
  •     Brown wire
  •     Crocodile clips
  •     Goggles
  •     Gloves
  •     Safety data sheets
  •     Anodising guide 

This anodising kit is the best value kit on the market. You will not find another kit near this price that contains the items that this does.


We pride ourselves in our customer service and we offer full backup with this kit including a telephone technical helpline, email address for questions or queries and replacement chemicals and cathodes at a very reasonable price.


The Anodising solution should last years if kept clean.


Check out our feedback on Ebay from people who have bought a kit. We have been selling plating kits on Ebay for years and have a great reputation in the car and bike clubs


We also offer a range of plating kits, cleaners and pickles so check out our other items.


Kits like this normally sell for around £100


Note this kit contains some chemicals that are classed as hazardous so we include all the safety data sheets.


Buyers from outside the UK should contact us before buying a kit as we can only send to certain countries in Europe.
Price £57 


Ultimate anodising kit which includes; 1 litre de-smut and a 5.5 litre tub, an extra 6m aluminium wire, Anodal CS3 Cold Seal for efficient sealing and fume control balls.
Price £93
Anodising kits
Fume Controll Balls
Can be used with any of our plating or anodising kits
Price £17
Anodal CS3
Anodal CS3 industry standard cold anodising sealer gives outstanding results time after time.

There is enough sealer to make up 20 litres to the highest concentration and even more at lower rates following the instructions provided. For best results mix with deionised or distilled water.

It is very easy to use and can be re-used many times.

Sealing usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes at a temperature of about 25-30oC.

It can also be used as a two stage sealer as per instructions.

We include:

Anodal CS3 Cold Seal, instructions and user information.

Please contact us for a quote on larger or smaller amounts.

Price £9.50
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