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GP1 Alkaline Soak/Electro-cleaner

GP1 alkaline cleaner is specially formulated to produce a balanced alkaline cleaning solution which has a variety of metal finishing operations. Normally being used as a cleaner to remove light oils and grease, organic debris, oxides and smuts, it is usually used as part of the pre-plating cleaning process and as such is used before the acid pickle. It can also be used as an electro-cleaner to remove rust etc.


  •    Soak cleaner on: steel, zinc alloy die castings, copper, brass, iron and aluminium.
  •    Electro-cleaner either anodic or cathodic.
  •    Rust and scale removal from steel.
  •    Oxide removal from zinc and aluminium.


Compared to some other alkaline cleaners GP1 is safe to store and use.

GP1 can be used at room temperature 20°C or heated to 80°C and by either soak or electrolytic operation at a range of rates from 20ml/ltr to 200ml/ltr depending on application. It will make up between 6 litres and 60 litres depending on the concentration.

GP1 is economical to use and has a long effective bath life.

Included with the 1 litre bottle GP1 alkaline cleaner is: A user guide which includes a detailed section on electro-cleaning, a 5.5 litre tank with a lid and a safety data sheet.

GP1 can also be used in conjunction with our pre-plating cleaning kit.

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Note GP1 alkaline cleaner is classed as caustic and should be used in conjunction with the correct personal protective equipment.
Price £10.50 
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