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Tank Heater
This heater can be used in all our plating tanks.  It is fully thermostatic as the temperature can be set from 20oto 34oC and can be used in tanks with a capacity up to 50 litres.
  Price £13.
Air Agitation Pump
This Air pump is a dual output pump with 2 x 1 metre of air pipe.
The output is 3.5 litres per minute and it can run two air stones for lots of bubbles, an air stone and a tank filter or just the twin pipe.
It is ideal for use with small to mid-sized plating tanks up to a capacity of 30 litres.
It means that you can get great results without the need to stand and stir while plating
  Price £13
  Ceramic Air Stone
  These air stones create a stream of small bubbles which increases agitation within the tank.
  When the plating tank is not in use, remove and wash the stones.
  Price £4.50 each
Current controller
This current controller can be used with any 12v power supply.
It is variable to give ease of current adjustment while plating various sized items and can be used with any of our plating kits.
It means that you can get great results without the need for an expensive power supply as a battery charger or a 12v battery can be used. 
  Price £7.50 


Plating Tank Filter
This plating tank filter should be used in conjunction with our dual output aquarium air pump.
It is easy to set up and can attach to the side of the tank.
If used with our dual output air pump you can not only agitate the plating solution but filter it at the same time. 
It will filter the solution constantly while the air pump is on and trap small particles within the foam filters thus reducing the amount of pitting on the plating.
Always make sure solutions are up to temperature and salts are fully dissolved before using flitration.
  Price £6.00
Fume Control Balls
For use with any of our 5 litre plating or anodising kits. They will reduce the amount of fumes given off while plating.
Price £17
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